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Real Madrid C.F. concept

Dave Ship

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I'm quite inspired in this period so here's another soccer concept. It's time for Real Madrid C.F. get dressed by beatnik.

I've been very disappointed by the new adidas template so I decided that a club of big tradition like this need more of a classical look.

I bring back a shirt collar which really works to remind the golden age of this club.

Kept their current color scheme, obviously.

I worked out on the stitches, especially the ones of the abdominal. They're laser stitches, similar to the ones you can find in snowboarding jacket.

New number and name font to well suite other clubs too.

Added some silver as edge for number and name.

Club signature at the back of the collar.

On the shorts the three stripes stop with the shape given by the stitches.

Twicked a little bit the adidas logo by the integration of the three stripes and a pentagon, a shape which you can find on any (no more nowadays, honestly) soccer ball. A new identity for a brand new soccer collection by adidas.


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