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NFL alternate logos


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I was bored, looking through some logos on this site. I came accross some great alternate logos that teams have but I've never seen used before.

Seahawks: Personally I think this one kicks a.s.s. It reminds me of the old Eagles logo but it's modern and cool looking, disappointing to see they never use this.


Jets: Think it's kind of cool and different.


Giants: No.




Does anyone else know of any good alternate logos?

How about these?

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This is 100x better than the current helmet nonsense:


You MIGHT be right, but the current logo is definitely better suited for the helmet. Front facing logos just don't work as well on helmets. The side view looks nice, even if the logo could use some work.

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This is the ugliest thing, or at least a logo that irritates me a great deal. It's a horse with some kind of modified human body. Freakish! It's got biceps, and is standing up. I'm no equine expert, but I don't think a horse can do this little jig without breaking its back. I know that animal logos should be given artistic license, but this man-steed goes outside that line.

If they wanted something extra to incorporate the Bronco head, they could have done better. Please make it go away.

Still a great logo to me!

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FINAL WORD on current Bengals' marks:


The body of the bengal has always looked way too big to go with the head thats on it. This is why I'm a huge fan of the simple and almost iconic (I said almost) bengal head. Forget the body and head, forget the dumb 'B' logo and stick with the bengal head and you've got a winner IMO.

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