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Chicago Bears Logo Concept


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Okay well I just downloaded Paint.net a couple of days ago and I wanted to see what I could do with it.


I took these two Chicago Bears logos:



Came up with this:


C&C would be greatly appreciated

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Unless my eyes deceive me, you have two similar but different shades of white, and it's distracting. The white outline on the wishbone C and the white surrounding the bear's nose are the same, but the rest of the bear's face is not the same shade of white.

As for the bear itself, it looks more constipated and frustrated than ferocious. And as much of a pain in the backside as the current bear head is to draw (much like the old Detroit Tiger head in the navy circle), it works better than this one. This one looks too blocky and polygonal to be paired with the graceful curves of the wishbone C.

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I think that it is as good as it can be. The older logo fit better into the wishbone C because it had more of a circular shape and there is part of the body shown which fits into the wishbone C better. The modern logo doesn't fit into the C as well, but I think it looks better than the old one. The only thing that might look better is if the bear was lowered a little, but it looks good right now.

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Okay, how's this then?


maybe its just me, but the head of the bear just looks too small in the "C" like it should be bigger and fill up a bit more space. but hey that could be me. as for the helmet with the logo in it. the bears helmet is such a classic, any change to it just seems wrong and a crime against the order of the universe.

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