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Duke lacrosse wallpaper


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Well, I felt horrible for the dukies this lax season. Generally, I am not a duke fan, but after everything those kids went through, I believed that they deserved a win, not for the school, but for the kids. So i guess you could say I was rooting for the team itself, not the university. Anyway, the first wallpaper is simple, because simply they lost. The second one has all the teams they played and the results. Then I made a signature.

Hopefully duke will have a good season next year, because those kids were screwed over last year and deserve a championship for themselves, and the have shown they can do it making it to the championship game their past two seasons and losing by 1 goal each time.




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These are nice. I felt so bad that those kids lost. They deserved that win after everything that SoB girl put them through (if you think they're guilty you should come out of your shell and use your head). My brother knows a bunch of guys on that team and has a wristband he still wears that says innocent or something and has all the players numbers. Sucks.

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