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London 2012 Unveils Logo


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Okay, that article contradicts itself.

Sources close to the organisers denied that the adverse public reaction to the logo had forced either a rapid redesign or a decision to speed up the release of further details.

Then two paras later:

The sources said the vast publicity surrounding the logo - albeit much of it negative - had made the image so well-known that organisers could proceed to this next stage more rapidly than previously planned.

So which is it?

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This is like politics for the advertising firm and the London Olympic Committee.

They can't say "Ok this sucks...we'll need to start over" because it makes looks them bad.

I mean, that's what they SHOULD say, but they won't.

And yes, I blame the organizers just as much. It always takes a client to make a crappy logo.

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It made this week's issue of U.S. News and World Report on page 19. I quote the final paragraph of the story:

The flap threatens to sap public support for the games. Warns brand consultant Shailendra Kumar: "It distracts from its purpose if you've got to defend it." Much less explain it.

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