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Elmira Jackals


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I work at a local newspaper and one of our guys just came back from an Elmira Jackals press conference. The team introduced a new coach, and also a new uniform and logo. As of right now, the logo has not been updated on the team website, but if it is before I go to work I will post pictures. The team is staying with red and blue, along with gray, as colors for the logo and uniforms.


Link to white jersey

Link to blue jersey

Both uniforms feature the new logo on the chest.

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Looks like the new NHL Reebok template. Can we expect other teams and other leagues to adopt the template as well?

From what I've heard, AHL teams will also be wearing the new jerseys, but CHL will not, this coming season anyway. I dont know based on this post if the ECHL will be as well, because it could be the new Sabres template with the old cut.

As for the jerseys, the white (as with the Sabres) looks good, but there is too much blue on the Blue one for me. A little white on the outside of the silver would help.

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On the jersey graphics, I'm particularly interested in the A.3 and B.4 designations given to the jerseys. Are these refering to different styles on the template or different designs given to the Jackals? How are A.1 and 2 different from 3?

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