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Long Beach Armada changes it's name....


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i want a hat.

being in north america, they're apparently my home team.

Will LBALACUSNAIBA fit on a hat?

i wear a size 7 7/8... if it'll fit on anyone's, it'll fit on mine.

or kevin mench... he blows my skull away.

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Looks like the Press Telegram has once again been hacked. My old room mate used to work fo the LBPT and he was telling me just a few months ago that crap like this pops up on their site all the time because they're too damn lazy to build in stronger security measures.

EDIT: Cripes. This isn't just a lame ass joke or a hack. Its on the official website. the article Great joke, yeah. Like three years ago.

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i saw this on ESPN this morning. its pretty lame, in my opinion, to name your team after a little joke on the nearby Angels.

very unprofessional.

Thats kinda the definition of the GBL though.

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