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Superbowl xxxix concept


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its good butttt......

-needs more of a football theme, how about adding a shodow of a ball going through the uprights or something

-colours are ok i know you are trying to go jag with the theme but dont really work well


- cool shape

- good use of curved writing

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Something to share...

I've been communicating via email and telephone with the designer of the current (Houston) Super Bowl logo, and it really sounds like these kinds of things are really a major pain in the butt.  He had so many restrictions on what he could do with it, and the end-result is something that was dictated to him by the powers-that-be.

And...he sometimes reads this board (and the FanHome one) and saw the unrelenting criticism by all of us...he said he wanted to jump through the screen and yell at all of us...he said the whole creative process of creating that thing was like giving birth to a bowling ball...

Just thought I'd pass that along...


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We never criticized him, we criticized the logo. If he was that pissed about our comments, he should have posted, and Told this side of the story, and i'm sure we would have sympathy with the restrictions put on him, and would not blame him for the logo, but the NFL and the Houston Committee, or whoever else was involved.

The man who did it was Todd Radom, right? I checked out his site after you put it up, he is quite impressive.

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Very interesting Pantone. Cool to know stuff liek that. I would be frustrated in his position too. I have worked with difficult client before, and as bad as I thgouth they were, I bet the NFL and Superbowl Committees woudl be even worse. Todd, i fyou are watching, I actually kinda like it, despite the restrictions they put on you. Good job.

Nesi - your logo was a good effort. I liek tryign to use the colors. The roman numerals looks a little too... Word Art for my taste, and you neede some more depth ont he background.

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