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I pledge allegiance to the Sens...

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I pledge allegiance to the Senators from the great city of Ottawa,

When Neon assumed that Sens fans simply leave their team stranded after they have been eliminated, I had said that I would make a thread, showing that I still stand by my team.

First off congratulations to the Anaheim Ducks and all their fans.

Now I thank the Senators for their incredible run, that was extremely enjoyable and exciting. I believe my team played fine, except for a handful of them. I am glad that Alfredsson has taken the leap to become a great playoff captain, and the first European captain to reach the finals. I am also glad how many of the players took their play up a notch.

I do believe that the 9 day lay-off had some effect on the team, but that is not an excuse.

I am more exciting for the upcoming year than ever, and though I still wish they could have won I completely support the Sens and wish them luck for the upcoming year.

There you go Neon MAtrix, this isn't a search for an argement I just remember saying that I would make this thread.

GO SENS GO!!! :hockeysmiley:

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