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Long Beach State Football


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After a break of a few months, I'm back on with the project. "The Project" being what I've been doing off-and-on for over a year and a half now - creating football concepts for schools without football.

This concept is #30 that I've posted here, the previous 29 are available for viewing here: Winthrop, Vermont, Creighton, Marquette, Gonzaga, Charlotte, Seton Hall, Wichita State, George Mason, Bradley, UNC-Wilmington, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, South Alabama, Pacific, Bradley, Xavier, Loyola Marymount, St. Joseph's, DePaul, St. John's, Pepperdine, Providence, Alaska-Anchorage, Portland, Charleston, UNC-Asheville, Drexel, Santa Clara, and Old Dominion.

Aaaand...the Long Beach State 49ers:


-First of all, there wasn't much in the way of logos. There's the baseball cap logo and...the baseball cap logo. There's also a "The Beach" script logo, but it's not uniform-worthy and I didn't include it on the logo sheet.

-Number font meant to match the logo, and the rest of the uniform rather traditional because the rest of LBSU's uniform identity doesn't have any unifying designs among them, just normal uniforms for their respective sports.

-Throwback alternate in the pre-2000 colors of brown and gold, these are close to what the last 49ers team wore in their final season of 1991. However, the helmet is somewhat inaccurate as the interlocked LB logo was apparently created post-1991, but judging by past media guides, Long Beach didn't have a single "iconic" helmet design (they seemed to change every few years) so I thought a recolored version of the new logo was the best way to go.

-And traditionally, there's a certain player honored on the throwback...guess who it is and you win a pat on the back.

That's all I got...C&C is welcomed and appreciated, as always. Thanks in advance!

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I really like these. Yellow is such an under-utilized color in football, so I like that you've chosen to emphasize it here. And the old west font is straight up icing on the cake... perfect for a team called the 49ers.

Maybe the San Fran 49ers could try something like this.

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I love the throwbacks. I am one of those who loved the Brown and Gold look and it's amazing when you tell people who go their today that their colors use to be Brown and Gold. You did justice and I'm still sad that both Cal State Long Beach and Cal State Fullerton no longer have football programs. And to answer the question, it's been about 15 years since the Niners played football. Good job.

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That throwback is amazing, but does a school who doesn't play football have throwbacks? Is it old enough to have an official throwback

They had football until the early 1990's, I believe Terrell Davis played his college ball there before transferring to Georgia when the football program shut down.

On to the concept: I really like its simplicity on the whole, but the limited logo set doesn't necessarily work to this concept's advantage. You might want to consider using their "The Beach" wordmark on the front of the jerseys. Other than that, it's your usual awesome work.

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Thanks guys.

I really didn't think "The Beach" wordmark was official...it seemed like more of a fan/spirit group logo. I definitely agree - they could use another logo, a wordmark...SOMETHING...but all they have is the interlocking LB.

Moser, you also nailed the throwback player without saying so - it's Terrell Davis, who wore #33 for the 49ers before transferring to Georgia.

Other than that, doesn't seem like there is much argument over this one. A bump and we're onto the next one!

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