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Portland Trailblazers Concept


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Not bad man. I like the use of the old script, however I liked how they used the made all the letters come to a point instead of keeping them square, which I'd like to see incorporated.

To be honest, I don't like the same font used for the numbers, it seems kind of cartoony and I think block letters would work very well here. And like wingsfan said bring them closer to the wordmark.

I like where you're going incorporating new styles into the original jersey the team used. I'd like to see what it would look like if you put the stomach stripe they have now and put it down the side, so pretty much on this concept just add a white line beside the red thats the same size, and replace the white line now with silver.

Keep it up, and Rip City baby.

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I had the idea of using Bahaus 93 on a Blazers concept and this show that it actually looks pretty good.

My only gripe is the one-sided striping. It reminds me of a lot of the craptacular unis from the mid 90's.

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Bauhopse was the closest I had to the font of the 80's. I hear ya on the single side strip, but there is one thing about the 90's unis...they all had the biggin team logo graphic on the front.

Hows this?


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