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Finally, the new UW-Green Bay logo


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Wisconsin-Green Bay (UWGB) has finally introduced its new Phoenix logo and new official lettering. It's also saying it wants to be known simply as "Green Bay" similar to UW-Millwaukee just using "Milwaukee."


The primary insignia for Green Bay Athletics incorporates three defi ning entities. The insignia includes

the newly created Phoenix image, a green bird with red and silver accents. The insignia also

features a wordmark distinctly created for Green Bay Athletics. Finally, the primary insignia features

the word ?Phoenix? at the lower right corner of the athletics wordmark.

Imaginasium, Inc. of Green Bay designed the new image. Kory Lax, a 1991 graduate of UW-Green

Bay, was the lead designer of the insignia. As a company, Imaginasium provides full brand alignment

along with internal and external communications development.

The insignia will be phased in throughout the summer and 2007-08 academic year. Since no public

funds have been used in the establishment of the insignia, Green Bay Athletics will phase in the images

as sport programs purchase new equipment during their scheduled updates to further refrain

from incurring additional costs.

The official release from UWGB

The story from the GB Press-Gannett.

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That's not good on a number of different levels. Can we end the bevel craze? And the bird looks as if it is leaking fluid; not that it is on fire.

Much like I make fun of my friends David Todd and Christopher Samuel, no team should have two cities names as its complete name.

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Looks like they couldn't decide between Arial and Helvetica, so both were used.

I don't get the swash at the bottom of the N. It doesn't really mimic anything in the bird itself.

That bevel wouldn't be as bad if it were silver. But it's the same difference as losing 9-1 as 10-1.

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It's definitely an upgrade over what they had before, but then again, pretty much anything would be. I like the firebird portion of the logo, but the wordmark is rather uninspiring. And while I don't mind the bevels, I think they would look better in another color (silver would work, but I was thinking red to get more of it into the logo).

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You know, this logo really bugs me...

First, the shade of green is horrible. I'm not usually a big fan of darkening shades of colors just to make them look more updated, but in this case there needs to be a darker green that balances out the darkness of the red in some way. Maybe its just my monitor, but the color match here draws your eye to the red too much. Red and Green are complimentary colors that should be fairly easy to make work. If they had incorporated this green with a darker more bluer green then it maybe it would have balanced out the red.

Second, the positioning of the red is bad. A phoenix by definition is a bird rising from the flames, not a bird that got caught on fire. It seems like this bird fell asleep with a cigarette in its mouth. Horrible. Take the red, move it to the center of the bird and draw more attention to the center of the logo. Usually when you see a phoenix logo it is symmetrical with the wings spread, which is usually slightly offset with the head pointing in one direction or the other (i.e. Phoenix Suns, Smokey and the Bandit hood, etc) I can see that the designer was trying to go away from this somewhat but it didn't work with the red.

Lastly, the beveled type is completely unnecessary in my opinion. Keep it simple. The white type would pop if it were simply outlined in a dark green and silver. No need to go font crazy here and try to mix fonts and toss in bevels and all sorts of typographical doo-dads. Keep it simple. The flowing bird logo needs a solid simple anchor. They missed the mark on this one.

One can only hope that the uniforms won't be this bad.

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Wow... that is just attrocious. When you ditch your logo of 20+ years, you'd better replace it with something that's an upgrade. If anything, this is a lateral move to a logo without the history.

I also don't see the point in them branding themselves as "Green Bay." When people heard "UWGB," even if it was their first time hearing those initials, they already assumed Green Bay because of the "GB." But when they hear "Green Bay" itself, they think of the Packers.

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Exceedingly mediocre. I would second just about everything said already.

The lineweights are uneven in some places, there are two spots where for some reason the flame transition is rounded. That alone isn't bad but it seems arbitrary.

Most egregious is that the text treatment was clearly devised separately and then pasted on top of the phoenix rather than having been designed as one piece.

Oh well.

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