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Pittsburgh Pirates concept

Dave Ship

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The Pirate seems a little too anime-ish, and the black pants are, just no, baseball pants are either white or grey. I like the rest of it though, nice job. Glad to see no red!

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it looks like what they have now but not as good

the logo looks like a cartoon to me

Yeah. That's what they had last season. The only difference between this and this year's set is the return of the pinstripe and no red vest... which is a plus, but not necessary for a concept. Also the outlines are totally huge and unwarranted.

And why is the pirate a mentally challenged metrosexual who looks like he can't look right at the camera because he's distracted by a bug flying by?

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I almost dont want to draw attention to the bad points cos I love beatnik's concepts but...

That pirate :D

It looks like it was his first day with the new hook and he's just scratched his backside....

Unis are ok, but I'll leave the C&C for those to the guys who know more about baseball unis than me. I will say this, I dont like black pants on a baseball uniform but....cant see any here!? My teams pants are black...with white jerseys. I hate it..... :cursing:

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I like it, although the pirate almost seems too much like a drawing of one of the players on the field which could get weird if someone looked like him and had a picture of someone that looked like him on the chest :)

I like the Black uniforms, a bit of a change in style is always interesting.

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