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NFL Classic Helmets


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i sense a retro boehner coming on.

i know that was uncalled for. so ill stop and say, nice work. i wonder if we can get mlb batting helmets with retro logos on them and nhl goalmasks with retro on them. that'd be pretty cool. nice little challenge for someone to do.

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Great job on these vintage helmets!

Crazy idea, but do you think you could take some of the newer teams and make retro helmets/logos for them as well? Kind of a "What If these teams had existed then?" I listed the teams with how I thought they might have looked like back in the 1960's


Seattle Seahawks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

These two should be fairly easy as they both have their logos & colors form the 70's.

Jacksonville Jaguars- Keep the black shell, but no logo, instead gold numbers on the sides and a kelly green stripe down the middle. Think of Coach's Orlando Breakers colors, that way it'll make more sense for them to switch to metallic gold and teal later.

Carolina Panthers- remove the stripes, change the blue to a more "Tar Heel" shade and change the logo to a paw print not unlike the BC Lions throwback.

Tennessee Titians- Change the helmet stripes to more traditional strips, and the logo to a Greek font "T" with more bold red trim.

Baltimore Ravens- Maybe a purple helmet and simple shield with Baltimore's city crest

Houston Texans- I'm thinking of their white prototypes while using an altered "State of Texas" logo the Kansas City Chiefs used from their original Dallas Texans days.

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