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Houston Oilers concept


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As you may remember, very recently Nick held a bracket style competition on thes boards inspired by the Final Four. You may also remember that I got to the Final Four, but then was unable to submit my entry due to computer issues. In case you don't remeber, here were the rules for the round (and so the rules I was bound by for this concept)

Everyone must modernize a past AFL (American Football League) team.

You may use any logos that were used by any of the original AFL teams from 1960-1969. You must use colors that go with the logos you choose.

Acceptable Teams:

Boston Patriots

Buffalo Bills

Dallas Texans

Denver Broncos

Houston Oilers

Los Angeles Chargers

New York Titans

Oakland Raiders

The package must include: Full Uniform Set, Primary Logo, Primary Wordmark, Helmet Design

The package may include, but is not required: Alternate Logo, Alternate Uniform

You may use any logo that the teams above used from 1960-1969, you may modernize the logo(s) or keep them as-is.

And here's my concept


I've based this heavily on the 1960 & 61 AFL Oiler sets as the Oilers won the AFL in those unis. This is how I envision them modified for today (Well, actually for the early '90s but kept until today). The names are actual Oilers players of the day and had some significance that I no longer recall (it's been a while since I started.

So, ladies(are ther any here?) and gentlemn, start your c&c

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Honestly, it doesn't look that "modern" it looks more old school. I think a red outline on the helmet would make it stick out more, and I always loved it when it had the outline. Too many stripes too, maybe get rid of all those sock stripes or simplify them.

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i like it. chestnutz is right, it isnt very modern based on the number font . I also agree about his helmet suggestion. But i love the jerseys and pants and even socks. they all look fantastic. If you were in the contest i still dont think you woulda beat that amazing pats concept but this is really good. its a shame you had computer problems during the contest.

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I guess I have a diffrent definition of mordernise to everyone else then. I took it to mean 'Update' not 'Radically Overhaul.' I did go back and forth on the number font. Was thinking of using a heavily modified Futura style font initially, but plumped for the Old time Cowboy serifs as they say Texas Football to me. As for the stripes, well, I like stripes and I figured this wouldn't get a 'ya, needz stripes' response.

It is a shame I din't get it in in time for the comp, but I think it's moot, as I wasn't beating that Pats concept anyway. Might have had a chance if I was drawn against teh Broncos, but not much of one.

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