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2005 nhl all-star game - in the atl


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(first couple lines of story:)

The NHL plans to award its 2005 All-Star Game to Atlanta shortly after the sale of the Thrashers is completed, four people familiar with the situation said Thursday.

The game, which would be played at Philips Arena in early February 2005, would mark the third major-league All-Star Game in Atlanta in a five-year period, all seduced by the city's relatively new sports venues.

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game was played at Turner Field in 2000 and the NBA All-Star Game at Philips Arena last year.

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What I say sheesh to more than the fact that it's in the south for hockey is how much crap ATL has gotten in the past 5 or 6 years.

SB, NBA ASG, MLB ASG, NCAA Men's and Women's Final Four, now NHL ASG. I think they have had some more too, but slightly lower key (I'm thinking Women's soccer or something maybe). Of course go back to 1996 they even had the Olympics.

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For the love of Pete guys, please stop using all these abbreviations!! :D And BTW zerodotcome, "its" in that context doesn't need an apostrophe. And BTW everyone else, the Thrashers' alternates kick ass, I got to see em in action tonight for my free preview week of Center Ice, and I hope the jerseys DO have "Eastern" and "Western" down the sleeves. HA!
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I thought the league guarenteed Phoenix would get it in 2006 if they built a new arena.

When the hell can Ottawa host it?

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

playing a hockey game in the desert...always thought that was a joke...almost makes me wish Gretzky would move the team back where it belongs

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