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Moving a little eastward we have, yessir, the first team from the Mountain Time Zone: the Denver University Pioneers.


-The Pioneers don't necessarily have a shortage of logos...it's just the ones that they do have, for a lack of better words...suck. The hawk/whatever isn't a bad logo in its own right...but they're not the Denver Hawks, they're the Denver Pioneers. I went with what they had...but I wasn't about to put the hawk thing on the helmet.

-Black is an integral part of the logo, but I didn't want it dominating the uniforms, so just some trim is all the black it gets.

-Stripes are somewhat of an experiment, I wanted to do something a little different.

C&C is much appreciated...thanks in advance!

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These are very clean...I like the concept, but I agree with putting the hawk logo on the helmet instead of the "DU". It looks more like a retro helmet currenty, so maybe switching the logos will make the helmet match the unis. Otherwise a solid concept. Great Work!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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