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Southern Maryland Blue Crabs

Ez Street

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That is really, really nice. Probably the best logo in the Atlantic League. I'll be interested to see what they do with the caps, because I'll want to go out and buy one.

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Man, that does look pretty cool... and the color scheme is very representative of actual blue crabs, as well...

Would've been a perfect logo and name if Biloxi (MS) ever got a minor league team... I like the alliteration, "Biloxi Blue Crabs"

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I think it's ironic that Ez Street was the one to find this...for some reason, I think of the Topeka Tarantulas when I look at this. Don't know why, but I do.


No gradients though.

You think the T-Rants logo was bad, you should have seen the mascot.

4 legged spider. Looked like either a beaver or that it had a butt on it's face.

Good times!

I do like this logo. Though I also like Camden (new logo) and Lancaster.

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Great logo. I wonder who did it. There were a few really nice concepts floating around here about a year ago for the Blue Crabs. If I recall, the team was taking submissions. MiltonandLumberg did a good one, I think.

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I can see some BAD, BAD, BAD, ads for this team.




Someone had to make the sacrifice, might as well be me. :rolleyes:

Seriously....awesome logo.

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