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Wu-Tang Clan is part 13 of the Hip Hop Hockey League. Here are the previous 12 teams:



Stones Throw Records


Black Eyed Peas



Jurassic 5

Mike Jones

Swishahouse Records

A Tribe Called Quest

De La Soul

I'll make this short and sweet. I'm tired right now, will take a nap, eat, then go to my high school graduation. In the mean time, view this concept and give some C & C if you'd like.

The numbers are similar to the Philadelphia Soul's. They may not be exact replicas, especially the seven and one (because I wanted to maintain the same curves on all the numerals), but I drew them all myself, and they are very accurate, all based on one another. I started by drawing the 3, then every number was based off that one, so they are all completely symmetrical.

ODB is #80 because his name is taken from the 1980 movie "Ol' Dirty & The Bastard"

Inspectah Deck is #10 because his second solo album, "The Movement", was released on June 10, 2003.

Ghostface Killah is #28 because one of his solo albums, "Fishscale", was released on March 28, 2006.

I made uniforms for every member of Wu-Tang, however, posting the same uniform with the only difference being the player's name and number would be superfluous. I made a uniform for every team because I wanted to use all of the numbers I drew. :D

Shoot, I had another thing I wanted to say, but I can't remember. Ahhh, whatever, I'll remember it later. C & C as usual. Thanks.

Primary uniforms:


Alternate uniform:



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I think the away jersey is too plain. Try to make the 2nd color blue and the lines white.

Change the logo on the alternate jersey. It does not "pop out". I think a yellow logo would be cool.

Everything else is good. Nice concept.


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Wu Tang has always been extremely minimalist in everything they do... their music, imagery, logos, etc.

That said, I think you shoild try these again using only two colors, yellow-gold and either midnight blue or black. If you wanna make the part that actually says "Wu Tang" really pop, you can make that (and ONLY that) white. But if Wu Tang were any kind of sports team, I think they'd have something in the vein of the Red Wings or Maple Leafs with no alts.

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that yellow one reminds me of a bruce lee jumpsuit, which is perfect for the wu. nicely done. I love the minimalist white jersey, i think that works perfectly the way it is. I agree that the logo on the blue jersey should be yellow or white, to pop out more. The numbers and the number placement on the sleeves is perfect...as ehren mcghehey would say when dressed as a terrorist in Jackass 2, "very expert". this is one of my favorites so far, nice job. keep these coming.

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Actually, the logo on the alternate uniform was originally yellow, however I didn't like how it looked, so I went with black. Making it yellow probably wouldn't be a bad idea though, perhaps I'll change it. The away uniform is the jersey that I tried to make as plain as possible for reasons you guys already stated. Also, while the Wu is very simple in their color scheme, I included an alternate uniform (as I do for all teams) because I am trying to do an alternate for each team. Also, the sleeve striping forms a very subtle W if you can see what I'm saying. Look where the striping ends above and below the numbers. I don't know, I just like the color scheme. I think the gold, blue, and black work nicely.


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These are real nice, Raps. This was a little different than what I thought...I was just thinking black and gold, with the white trim. However, I can't complain here. One of my closest friends from high school died four years ago, and was a BIG Wu-Tang fan and he would loved these.

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