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Getting Autographs


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I was at the Verlander perfect game, and I kept score. So, I ran down to the dugout to see if he would sign the card, but he wasn't signing things, and eventually the police made us leave. I mentioned that to my dad, and he was like "When I was younger most athletes had addresses for signing things." I was wondering if most still do. I know a few do, but, how would I go about finding such a thing? Does anyone know Verlander's?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Check their website, and check their community relations department. When I worked as an intern for the Washington Wizards, I was in charge of sending out autographs to basically anyone who asked for them. Of course, the autographs I was sending out were for players like Popeye Jones, the various Mike Smiths the team had, and Etan Thomas. But still...

I have no idea on how to get things signed though. That might be a thornier issue.

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I had mild success (75%) during my "mail autographs" phase... I would send a letter with the address

Players Name

c/o Team Name

Team Address

in the envelope I included a hand-written letter, politely asking for a signature, as well as the item i wanted signed (usually an index card that i would print their photo on) and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

my advice is to not send anything valuable, personally i wouldn't want to risk the chance of losing my no-hitter scorecard so i would send a high-quality copy of it to be signed

good luck

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