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Cal State-Fullerton Football


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In light of the Fullerton Titans making another appearance in the College Baseball World Series this year, I decided to go ahead and get this one done and bump it ahead of the other teams I had slated to go next.

The Cal State-Fullerton Titans:


-Pretty predictable helmet, but a little less predictable on the jerseys. I wanted something modern, but not Niketastic, so we have piping but none of that wrap-around nonsense. I like to think I tightroped the fine line between modern and tasteful, but that's for you to judge.

-Logos aplenty, with the "Titans" wordmark above the number ("Fullerton" on the aways), F on the front of the pants and the elephant above the nameplate.

-Orange is used primarily as a trim color due to the official mandation of navy blue as the school's official color in the mid-1990s.

-And the throwback, which is circa 1990, one of the last uniforms worn before the Titans played their last season, in 1994.

-One interesting fact to note is that the CFL's all-time leading passer, rusher, and reciever (Damon Allen, Mike Pringle, and Allen Pitts, respectively) all played their college football at Cal State-Fullerton. Mike Pringle is the player whose number 27 I chose for the concept.

That's all I got...here's where you guys come in. Thanks in advance.

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We have another winner here. This one vaults to the upper echelon of this series on the first try.

My single suggestion would be to make the sleeve hems orange on both the home and the road. The collars are orange, and the sleeves are a little bit bland as presently depicted. I'm all for the no-nonsense look, but getting the collars and sleeve hems to agree would have the dual benefit of consistency and a splash of color at the sleeve. The whole thing works, and with a minimum of extra stuff - everything is essentially interchangeable here.

Love the number font, though I am a little surprised that you didn't do the double shadow that the baseball team uses on their numbers.

Nicely done, as usual.

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Thanks for the comments, guys. Changed to orange sleeve cuffs, and I don't know if you can see it at this size (I can, but I'm looking for it, so...) but the numbers are double-outlined, just like the "Titans" script.

Oddball, what do you mean exactly by modern/plain?

Anyway, here's the update with orange sleeve cuffs:


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Hey, hey, we have a winner. This is great stuff. I love it and think it's almost complete with the update. The only thing I would change is, since I don't like logos above the nameplate, taking the F off of the pants (since it is already on the helmet) and put the elephant head there. Other than that, it's flawlessly executed. An awesome conept that would be easily recognized as Cal State-Fullerton, if it wasn't mentioned in the topic title. Superb work.


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how can you make a throwback for Cal State Fullerton Football when they don't have a football program

Read this from the49erfan's first post:

"-And the throwback, which is circa 1990, one of the last uniforms worn before the Titans played their last season, in 1994."

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