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Hamilton Tigers Concept


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As we all know, the Nashville Predators are likely to be moving to Hamilton in the coming years if not next season. I decided to try and create an identity for hte Hamilton team. The name "Tigers" was chosen to honor the previous NHL franchise in Hamilton.



I'm still trying to master some of the tools that are involved in logo creating, however, I do think these came out fairly well compared to some of my previous work. The primary logo was inspired by the original Tigers logo. I can at least reassure myself that my work is better than this. I used a picture of a tiger as a guide and traced its outline, and then I tried to copy its details just by sight, not tracing. The striping on the cheek I thought looked awkward at first when I looked at it on the tiger, however, after drawing it myself I found that it resembled the letter "H". The secondary logo is the last logo the Tigers used in their history. I was having trouble coming up with a wordmark, so I just took Arial (which was used in the secondary) and outlined it. My original idea was to use some sort of kung-fu font, but I didn't think it fit too well.



The jerseys were just a basic recoloration of the EDGE template. Its not somehting I like to do, however, I think it fits pretty well in this case. I didn't want to do some sort of gimmiky tiger stripes, not on the regular jerseys at least.

I've yet to do the alternate jersey. I'm thinking about either going barberpole or tiger stripes? Thoughts?

As always...C&C please.

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I think the tiger needs to look angier. It almost looks like he's winking and smiling. The wordmarks look a little plain. And I'd like to see the orange and black reversed on the jerseys.

It's a good base, but it needs some work.

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