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Philadelphia Soul Concept--Formerly CAR Panthers

Billy B

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I made a unique striping pattern that I think fits well with the Panthers. I eliminated silver from the Panthers color scheme. I think the Panthers need black pants and I think the black helmet works for the Panthers. C&C Please.


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Considering that actual Panthers are all black, an all black uniform makes some degree of sense. The detailing on the sides isn't enough to complete the look, it doesn't quite have the NFL feel to it. As was said, it is a solid School design, but these colurs nessesitate a tertiary colour to break the monotany.

White just doesn't cut it in this design. You may have to add some touches of silver in there, or test some other types of Blue (though double blue/black rarely works out)

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UPDATE-- I kept the all-black look, zer0dotcom was right on when he said it makes sense because a real panther is black, that is what I was thinking. I added silver as the tertiary color. Added an alt. More C&C please.



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There were a lot of concepts that this looked like an Arena League concept, so this is now for the Philadelphia Soul. The colors are pretty much the same as the Panthers. I've got a few more ideas similar for this, so I'm going to try to redesign the Arena League. Hopefully it looks something like the Soul could use. C&C Please.







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