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"The Snake, the Cat, the rat, the dog..."


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The 14th installment of the HHHL is here, but here are the first 13 teams for your viewing pleasure.



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DMX was born in Baltimore, Maryland, which is pretty much the basis for this concept (as you'll see later) even though he moved to Yonkers, New York and grew up there since he was very young. DMX = Dark Man X. This makes sense considering D's grimy, gritty style, which has made him a staple in the hardcore rap genre and rap as a whole. Throughout D's songs the barking of dogs can be heard, again this is a one of D's trademarks and is no surprise considering one of his albums is titled "Year of the Dog...Again". Along with the aforementioned album, DMX has released seven total albums with an 8th to be released in late 2007 or early 2008.

Well, by now you should know that I'm one of the biggest Baltimore Ravens haters out there. However, that did not deter me from using their colors. I think they can use their colors much better, and I tried to do that here. Well, the crest comes from the cover of D's single, "Lord Give Me a Sign" from his album "Year of the Dog...Again".


Baltimore, as we know is a city on a bay. With that said, I tried to convey the rough, gritty image of DMX and his raps, and the rough sea that can come through on a rough city like Baltimore. The whole image I tried to convey on this concept was toughness. Don't :censored: with D, don't :censored: with Baltimore. That sort of thing. I think I did with all the dark colors used by the city's football team and how I incorporated the striping patterns on the uniforms along with the fonts used (another reference to Baltimore's football team.)

The home uniform: Purple is the primary color. The DMX crest is gold with black lettering, all of which is outlined in white (the lettering and the rest of the DMX shield logo.) Name and numbers are white, outlined in gold. This gave a nice contrast I thought, and was the best contrast on the purple uniform which is different from the black one. For some reason, this same contrast did not work well on the black alternate as it did on this purple primary. The bottom of the uniform is supposed to be waves coming in as mentioned above (is anyone with me when they are reminded of the old Tampa Bay Lightning alternates when they see this? Anyone?) and are black, outlined in white with white accents. On the sleeves, the waves are also included, though only one wave is present as opposed to the two on the bottom of the jersey. Collars are gold and black, supposed to resemble the Ravens again. Domes are purple, gloves are purple, black, and gold, socks are blue with a gold/black/white/black/gold striping pattern, and pants are purple with black piping outlined in white. That's really all on the homes, onward to the aways.

The away uniform: Colors are of course switched around. DMX crest is gold, with purple outlining the gold; however the black letters are still outlined in white. Name and numbers are gold, outlined in black, while collars are gold and purple. The waves still have white accents, but are now blue with a gold outline. The waves were the toughest part to work with on the roads, and after much experimenting, I went with this. Socks now have a purple/gold/black/gold/purple striping pattern, domes are white, and pants and gloves stay the same.

The home alternate uniform: Alternates are black, with the DMX crest in gold again. However, this time the DMX letters are purple, outlined in white, along with the rest of the crest outlined in white. Collars are still gold and purple, and names and numbers are gold, outlined in white. I touched up on this when I was talking about the primary homes. For some reason, white numbers outlined in gold did not work as well. I went with this combination (even though you typically have white numbers on non white jerseys) because it stood out more. It's as simple as that. The waves are my favorite part on each uniform. This time they are purple, outlined in white with white accents. Domes are black, and socks are now black with a gold/purple/white/purple/gold striping pattern. Pants and gloves are the same on all three concepts.

Miscellaneous: The numbers. DMX was born in 1970. I forgot to make a uniform that had "Damien" on it. Afterwards I was just like, damn. However, if there is another proposed uniform or a proposed throwback uni of some kind, Damien will be on the back and his number will be 6. A 6 on the back, a 6 on the left sleeve, and a 6 on the right sleeve. 666. Damien is after all D's conscience.

Well, that's all for team DMX. If you have some C & C bring it. Thanks for any potential C & C and thanks for (possibly) reading this. :D

Primary uniforms:


Alternate uniform:



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yeah...i dont know how to say this...but this isn't working for me. when i think DMX i think Yonkers, not B-more, and i don't think waves at all. the colors are working i guess, but other than that only the crest should stay. i think of black, tan, and red when i think DMX, so i doubted the color scheme in the explanation, then visually it worked...so this proves that you can't bat 1.000 no matter how good you are. maybe other people will disagree, but IMO this isnt DMX. keep em coming though.

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Dang, can't win 'em all :D . I'll have to redo this one. Dog chains probably make more sense, and I'll see if I can make this more Yonkers or New York-ish. I'll probably end up starting from scratch in order to get that effect. Thanks for the C & C folks.


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don't :censored: with Baltimore.

And don't you ever forget that. Anyways, I'm not digging the wave striping. Looks like the Islander's "fisherman" jersey, and purple, black, and gold simply do not make good wave colors. But they do make good jersey colors overall, and even if you go with a dog chain/Yonkers/New York theme, keep these colors.

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