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Springfield Cardinals 1st Half Division Champs


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As some may know, and most may not, the Springfield Cardinals clinched the Texas League First Half North Division Championship on Friday for the first time our short 3-year history. Because of the potential for this during the day friday, we needed to have shirts ready for our game yesterday. I work at a screen-printing place during the offseason down in Nixa (Mo.) who recently got licensed for Minor League Baseball thanks to my suggestion. :D Only thing is they aren't open on weekends so these had to be produced on Friday night. Due to the rush, I came up with a quick sketch on paper, e-mailed it, and then spoke on the phone with one of the artists to explain what I wanted.

I took our new Sunday logo and spelled out the rest of Champions using the Cardinals script. He was able to trace it out and came up with a design after my suggestions for the layout and fonts for the rest of the design. WARNING: Copperplate Gothic WAS used in this design. I know it's overused, but we were in a rush and I could kinda see how it would look in my head so I told him to use it.

For as quick as this had to be done and with taking instructions from me over the phone, he did a hell of a job. However, friday night I was able to take home the company laptop which as Illustrator and I spent Friday night and saturday coming up with alterations to kind of improve it. Here is the final designs, on a red background and navy background for t-shirt possiblilities:


And for hat designs, we discussed with the Cardinals head guys and decided to go with a shortened version of the Champions logo to just Champs. So here's my simpler design for the hats:


The shirts should be printed tomorrow once they arrive at the screen printers. The hats I'm not sure about. We may go with Outdoor Cap on those. Anyways, let me know what you think.

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The season in split into 2 halfs, winners of the divisions in each half play each other in the playoffs, unless a team won both halfs, I think. I may be worng.

Anyway, I love the shirt and the hat designs, I would definitely pick one up if I saw one. It's also good to see teams in the Cards organization having success.

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Well I got word this afternoon that we may hold off on more shirts until we get their official First Half Champs logo. So this may not happen now. :cry: I spent a lot of time coming up with this, so it's gonna be pretty disappointing if nothing comes of it. Btw, you can see the current shirts at springfieldcardinals.com. I think it's linked somewhere on the front page.

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