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Vancouver Canucks concept


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First concept in a long time but I was bored with school being out and tried a couple things out, I like how the green jersey turned out not so sure about the white jersey. Credit to letterform for the logo, if he has a problem with me using it thats fine I'll remove it, but I just love it so much.



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Not bad, not bad...

As an "Orca Whale" supporter, I have to come to terms that "Willy" may soon be freed :(

I think green isn't too popular a colour amongst sports fans (I know there are exceptions...) so I would probably go for a Blue shirt with green stripes.

I don't mind the shades of Blue and Green used actually.

I also think the logo is a little too small.

I'd narrow the outline and shorten the letters to emphasize Johnny Canucks.

This type of "vintage" circled logo is a little too much like the Wild, especially in Green.

I'd also like Johnny Canuck's plaid shirt to lose the red. maybe a shirt in this style: jam1nw2.jpg

And finally, from a Template's standpoint, I'd shrink the helmets down, way down, especially since there is nothing unique about them....

Overall, I like where this is going...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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