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Nhl jersey toss-up


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OK guys, I want to buy one of the three following jerseys, and hopefully you can help me make a decision. I know that everyone here hates two of them, but I wanna get opinions anyway.

My choices:

Kovalchuk Thrashers atlernate

Modano Stars alternate (yes, the dreaded mooterus, which I LOVE!! :D )

Forsberg Avalanche home

Hopefully you guys can help me make a decision.

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The Thrasher's alternate is much more distinctive. That blue kicks ass all over the black mooterus.

Kovy vs. Heatley. Tough call. I'm a season ticket holder for the Thrashers, and the way that Kovy has stepped up his game, and really improved his level of Defense this year is amazing. He is on the powerplay line, as well as the penalty-kill line. Thats impressive for a guy many considered a cherry picker in years past. He knew this year he was without the Thrasher's best player, so he made huge strides to be their best himself through effort, rather than by default.

All that said, you can't argue with the success, skill, heart, and smarts that Heatley has.

Myself, I get a Savard jersey. He is an unbelieveable hussler, a huge spark to their line up, and plays with more love of the game than any one player i've ever seen in person.

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What, a ref sweater isn't an option?  :laugh:

The two alternates are horrible, and the other choice is Floppa.  But, if forced to choose, I'd pick the Forsberg jersey.

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First of all, what is "foppa"? Some Forsberg nickname I am unaware of? I'm really leaning to the Kovalchuk or Heatley alternate right now. Couple questions, maybe for paynomind: 1.) Does Heatley wear an "A"? I've seen pics/jerseys both with and wothout it. Also, 2.) do the Thrashers alternates not have nameplates? Because that's the way I've seen them produced. Thanks for the input guys!
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