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Toronto Blue Jays


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For my second rebranding I chose to go with the Jays. I decided to go with a tweaked version of their original bird head logo. I also went with dark royal, sky blue and red for the color scheme. For the font I went with a tweaked existing font.

Uniforms to come once I find a better template.

C+C appreciated

Past Concepts in this series

Colorado Rockies


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Something seems off to me, so I'll try to enumerate it.

It may be because this incarnation of the bird used the split-level font that made everything look really round, but the red outline seems really sharp. Sharp as in pointy, not sharp as in "really nice." I might believe it a little more if you rounded those corners a bit more.

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I like the new look of the jays ALOT.... all they need is a little canadian leaf like the old one but stylized to fit the new style, not too big, and I think its gold... I never bought any jays merch in the past but picked up one of the new hats as soon as they came out... and would do the same if there was a leaf added since it was my only complaint... maybe someone should try that out.. add a stylized leaf in there for a little red flash...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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