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D. Wright Super 5 Logo


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Well thats just annoying. Everyone knows that that idea was used here in St Louis for our very own Albert Pujols, Supujols if you will. Not officially through the team but people have been wearing shirts like that since 04, myself included. Boo David Wright. Yea Albert Pujols!

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aside from an apparent lack of originality, it also isn't a very good logo - the bevel's are distracting and poorly executed, as are the gradients...i can't imagine that logo reproducing well when printed on a shirt or embroidered - the 5 is barely legible as a 5, and there is a number 5 on almost every sports team, so nothing immediately identifies this as being associated with david wright or even the mets...

AND...this smells a lot like a spammer trying to drum up a bit of business rather than someone looking for constructive criticism of a logo (which happens to be the purpose of this board)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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