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Pheonix Sundevils


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After my 3 MLB rebrands it was suggested to me that my style would suit a fantasy team concept, so I took that advice and ran with it.

I chose the Sundevils name to try and keep a theme throughout the citys teams, but I also wanted some originality so I didnt use similar colours to the Suns. Also, the secondary logo isnt used in the design. Its more of an alternate logo really....

The uniforms are a bit different but I wanted to come up with something away from the norm because this is after all a fantasy concept and I had fun with it :D

Ive got some more ideas for other fantasy teams which im putting together but for now, C&C would be appreciated



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OK, I don't mean to sound harsh, but ...

? It's "PHOENIX," not "PHEONIX".

? The number font will be incredibly hard to read from a distance or on TV. Pick something a little wider, and use less of a drop shadow.

? If you're going to colour in the placket ? which I wouldn't recommend doing anyway ? do the whole thing or not at all. This wacky half-done placket on the whites is really bizarre-looking.

? An 'SD' cap logo immediately makes me think of San Diego. I'd stick with a P.

? The white stripe down the left side of the away jersey does nothing for me. Why is it there?

? The primary logo is going to be a horror to embroider on a cap. Go with something simpler.

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Apologies to anyone from Phoenix... :blush:

The half coloured plackets, the white stripe and the primary logo...

All done for the same reason. My interpretation of a 'fantasy' concept is such that I dont see those kind of issues as a problem. Its an outlet or whatever to just go with what u wanna do, let your mind go a bit nuts and do stuff u wouldnt normally do. If this was a rebrand for example, none of those things would be even on here.

That sounded like I was having a pop there....wasnt meant to be. Just explaining myself :)

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First, I want to say that if you designed that pimary yourself, well done.

My personal opinion is that any concept (including fantasy) should have a "professional" look to them. Officeglenn's critiques about the dual-colored placket and white stripe are spot on. I find it distracting.

The one element that needs the most work is the secondary. I like the route you took, but the execution isn't that great. The eyes blend into the rest of the ball if you made them red to contrast that would help tremendously. The flames look like they're coming from behind the ball (as opposed to from the ball). The red flames need to envelop the ball. Again, changing the outline from black to red will partially achieve this effect although I think that some additional tweeking is probably necessary.

Black and red works as a color scheme but it may be a bit too dark. I suggest you consider adding yellow as an accent color. You don't need much of it, just something to buffer the red and black in some areas.

This could be a great concept, but as it stands there are too many things that need improvement.

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