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Pour Man's logo


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the bar up the street from me is looking for a new look

they're having a 'contest' sort of thing and i'm looking for some C&C

the M in the logo I made is inspired by a Brewers concept i saw on these boards a while back, if that was you're concept and you don't approve of me using it as inspiration just say so.

The logo the bar has now is very 1970, very very 1970, and I think their sign out front is actually from 1970. I tried to give this logo a new but classic look.

I kept the colors and overall look very simple. I made it on paint after drawing it and scanning it, so right now the lines aren't perfect, I'm just looking for some suggestions.


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I have no idea on what the original wordmark looks like, but if they are a "70's style shot and a beer type place", why not embrace that and move with it? Then again, I am not the owner and have no idea if "dive bars" work where you live.

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they recently renovated the entire bar, inside and out, and they are looking for more of a sportsbar look, if that has a look, this is just how i percieve it. They didnt have any particular way they wanted the logo to look

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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