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HHHL pt. 15!


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Here is part 15 of the Hip Hop Hockey League, but for your viewing pleasure, here are the first 14 teams that are complete.



Stones Throw Records


Black Eyed Peas



Jurassic 5

Mike Jones

Swishahouse Records

A Tribe Called Quest

De La Soul

Wu-Tang Clan


Hieroglyphics is an underground rap group that formed in the early 90's. They consist of members Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Casual, Pep Love, Souls of Mischief (A-Plus, Tajai, Opio, and Phesto) and Domino. There were two other members of Hiero, Snupe, who left before the release of their debut album, 3rd Eye Vision, in 1998, and Jaybiz. Along with 3rd Eye Vision, Hiero has released Full Circle, back in 2003.

Home uniform: Black is the primary color here. Actually, I did the away uniform first, which is a change of pace, as I usually do the home unis first. This home is based on the away, while in most of my other concepts, and any team in general, the away is based on the home. The Hiero logo is on the front of the jersey. It is outlined in white, and uses sand as the color for the inner portion, just like on the away uniform. Collars are sand, gloves, and pants are sand with a black stripe on them, and socks are black with a sand stripe on them. Helmets are black. Now for the striping pattern. As you can see in Hiero's logo, the mouth does not go all the way around on their three eyed logo. For the stripes, I emulated this. The stripes do not wrap around the uniform like on other teams (See pretty much any team in the NHL to illustrate my point.) Onward to the number and name. Well, It took me a while to figure this out, but I got the letters and numbers how I wanted them. It was tough, as sand and white did not provide a good contrast at all. While making numerous outlines on the letters, I was worried about the legibility of it. Look at the Colorado Rockies, they had (I believe, anyone please correct me if I'm wrong) letters with no outline, then added a silver outline, then added a black outline. Now they are hard to read. However, here, I think the letters would be legible, which is why I kept them how they were. The letters are sand, outlined in black, and white. The numbers have are sand, outlined in black, with a white drop shadow. That's really it on the homes. I like these, and think they represent Hiero very well.

Away uniforms: Pretty much an inversion of the homes (as most sweaters are.) Like I said earlier, I did the away first. I did it first because unlike many other HHHL away uniforms, Hiero has a non white uniform. I guess they are sort of the Lakers of the HHHL in that sense. The main differences between the home and away is the away has no outline on the crest, and numbers are white, outlined in black. There are no extra outlines here. Helmets are sand, socks are sand with a black stripe, and everything else is the same.

Away alternate uniform: An alternate in every sense of the word. These alts are not a recoloring of a primary uniform (see P$C, Dipset, Minnesota Timberwolves, New Jersey Nets, Chicago Blackhawks, you get the point.) The outlines on the lettering and numbers have reverted back to the ones on the home uniform. Also, the numbers on the back are smaller than the ones on the primaries. They are this way so that the three eyes, and mouth (which on the primaries is jus' plain ol' jersey striping) logo can be the main focus of this uniform. Letters and numbers are black outlined in sand and black Helmets are white, and socks are white with a black stripe. That's really all on the alternate thread.

Miscellaneous: Del Tha Funkee Homosapien aka Deltron is the captain because he founded Hiero. Del wears number 3 because of the name of one of Hiero's albums, 3rd Eye Vision. Domino wears number 0 because of the other album by Hiero, Full Circle. 0 = Full Circle. Get the reference? Ahhh, I know you'll see it. Casual wears number 33 just to place further emphasis on the number 3, 3rd Eye Vision, and the amount of eyes in the primary logo.

That's really all for Hiero. If you have some C & C, bring it on. It's always appreciated. Thanks.

Primary uniforms:


Alternate uniform:



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Spot on man! I love the alt, fantastic work! Maybe add the three-eyed logo as a shoulder patch on the alt. Thats the only thing I see wrong with this, nice work! Once again, I'm waiting for The Pack, but you can take your time. :D

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I thought about adding a shoulder patch to the alternate uniform, but putting the three-eyed logo there would make far too many eyes on the uniform in my opinion. Thanks for the comments.


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i don't know anything extensive about hiero, besides what i learned from you and a quick wikipedia read. these seem to fit really well as you said, and rep the collective pretty good. at first i wished the eyes on the alt jersey were up where they are in the logo in relation to the mouth, but then i realised that wouldnt leave any room for the numbers on the back, so i guess it works. i like the stripe not wrapping around all the way look, it works as you explained...and yeah, nice job. keep it up.

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