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The ultimate NHL concept

Le Québécois

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The Capitals are coming back to the look they had but not all of it. The Bruins are bringing back an old logo (the bear) but in a shy way (shoulders only)!

It looks like the marketing geniuses of the NHL don't know what the fans like so they put in a few of old and a few of modern in the new looks for this winter...

So, based upon that fact, here's the Vancouver Canucks new look for the years to come...


I've put my heart and soul in this... :blink:


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I know I've mentioned this to 'Scrim once before, but...



In all seriousness though [*COUGH COUGH..GAG! GAG!*], that is one of the most original c...c....*COUGH COUGH* con...(COUGH..GAG! GAG!)--con...con-COC-tions (yeah, that's it...concoctions) I've seen around here.

*HOCK HOCK...PHOOEY!!!* Nice work, bro.

(And now back to my bong...)

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that might be the worst uniform i have ever seen, we might see them wearing something like that next year! knowing their history with terrible jerseys. good work haha

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