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CCM messes up another throwback


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Ok, honestly, how hard would it be to look at some pictures? I would think not too hard. I googled some in about 0.79 seconds. Anyway, let me know what's wrong with these pictures:




And then comparing it to this, the 1994 "throwback" CCM is selling:



For $175 CCM could bother to at least get the striping right. They've only had like one variation of it in their 80 years of existence.

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maybe this is just me... but the first thing i noticed is that brian leetch's patch is on his right shoulder while esa tikkanen's is on his left.

Leetch's patch is the 1994 NHL All-Star Game patch and Tikkanen's is the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals patch. They're right where they're supposed to be.

There is no excuse for screwing up the striping so bad. They really do half-ass these things from time to time. It makes you wonder how many people have to sign off on this for it to get to retail all screwed up.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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