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Ottawa Senators Concept.


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stripes on the arm clutter the numbrs and would confuse refs even more than they already are most of the time...

and imagine the nicknames.... the zeros....... the a-holes... etc...

its really hard to incorperate the barberpoles ..

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I really like this concept especially the barberpole. I think the Edge template really compliments the overall design. However I think that adding the current logo may make this an even better concept.

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I tried to ditch their identity as much as possible and go retro with this one. Used their old logo, with a slightly darker red, and added gold. And of course, lots of barberpole :P

C+C please.


Nice, Steiny! You're right, we were thinking along the same lines. The arms are different from mine and I really like them because I love the 67s jerseys, but since the arms are exactly like the 67s white jerseys, I don't know if that would fly in Ottawa. Perhaps on the darks. It really looks great!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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