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Selected nat'l football team sigs


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You may have noticed I added a segment to my Champions sig for Team USA winning the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Here is that sig by itself:


And while I was at it, I decided to do a few other national team sigs too. Naturally, I started with the current World Cup champions from Italy:


Here are some more:




I am taking requests for others... these are just the first few countries that came to mind.

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Could you do Sweden. thanks

I'd love to do Sweden... one blonde at a time. *rimshot*

Oh, and I'll make a sig for their national team too. :D

Edit: I've got the first three requested sigs done now, so I'll post them before I turn in for the evening:


From now on I'll be posting the requested sigs in batches of five (the most images this forum lets you post at one time), unless we go a long time between requests.

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OK, tonight we have Iraq, the USA and an Israeli pro club... an interesting combo, to say the least.


I almost had to leave the bottom panel blank for Iraq because their nickname, Assood Al Rafidain ("Lions of the Two Rivers"), is way too long to fit in the panel. Luckily I discovered that the Arabic rendering of the nickname, which is short enough to fit, can be copy-pasted from Wikipedia onto a PhotoImpact text object and remain intact. That's why the nickname for this team is in Arabic on the sig.

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Sweet sigs viper. I know it's not a nat'l team, but could you do a chelsea fa cup one?

Also, I'm kind of new to this, so could anyone tell me how to use the sigs. Thanks in advance.

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