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I am beginning to get annoyed by all the "new" recolorization of NBA logos. I think it should be the other way around. Teams should stay with their team colors and go with a design if they so wish. Here are the recent examples.



Is it that hard to redesign a logo? I would have loved to have seen a new orginial Hawks logo.

I don't see this trend ending. My question is this, who's next in this recolorization phase?

My money is on Sacramento, Philadelphia, and/or New Jersey.

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The Bucks and Jazz recolored their logos too. I think the teams want to switch their identity entirely, but there is a $500,000 fee to make a new logo. Instead of spending the money, the teams just recolor their primary logo and make a secondary logo that they use the majority of the time. That way they can put the secondary logo on everything, basically being the new primary, but they don't have to pay the fee to change primary logos.

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Chris Webber and Allan Houston are each making $20.7 million this year. (Yes, that Allan Houston.) Jalen Rose and Eddie Jones each made around $16 million. Brian Grant made $17 million.

Since when is $500,000 a lot of money in the NBA?

Very true. That's nothing to them, especially if they want to makeover their team identity.

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I know you're joking, Pantone, but that Lakers recolourization isn't exactly ugly.

The Celtics one did make me laugh.

(Edited twice, cause I can't spell "Lakers" to save my life!)

Oh bite your tongue Mr. Rubble....that one is teeeeeerrrible! Looks like the Clippers (but dare I say it?)...even worse.

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As a Jazz fan, I have seen them fall victim to both the navy uniforms & re-colorization trends. Honestly, I hate everything about their current look.

Why they ever ditched the muscal note logo is beyond me. I am still waiting for them to pull their heads out and switch back to the purple, green, & gold.

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