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Liverpool Blue Meanies


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First off, let me explain what a blue meanie is. The blue meanies are the antagonists in the Beatles' movie "Yellow Submarine".

Now, this is the logo set I made for my fantasy Basketball team. My inspiration was stated above.


Okay, now to explain the logos. The Main logo incorporates a clock tower in the city of liverpool. I did not create it from scratch. What I did was take a screenshot of the beginning of the trailer for the movie on YouTube {when this building appears.} Then, what I did was then cut out just the tower and color it over with black and white. It came out better than I expected. Also, I did some research to make sure such a tower really exists in liverpool, and it does. Here is a picture. http://p.vtourist.com/1853321-Liverpool-Liverpool.jpg

As for the rest of it,, I tried to make it look like an old street sign you'd see in England.

The Alternate logo is a picture I found and cleaned up from on a google image search for "Blue Meanie". So, the alternate logo is not mine, which, i know, is a no-no, but, if it matters, in the original pic he looked worried while running, so I changed his face to look less worried.

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I think that the main logo is pretty good. I like the clock tower, and the street sign wordmark is good. You did some good research to make this look good. But on the alt. you forget to change the color on one of the boots.

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