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St. Mary's Crusaders Logo

Billy B

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This is a logo for my application for the National College Fantasy Association Basketball. I had some sketches of the logo that I did during school, but I don't have a scanner so this is entirely in paint. The base of the logo is a shield. Most shields that crusaders used had a cross on it, so that is what is in the logo. I used the cross to divide the shield into four quandrants. I put one thing into each of these quadrants. The MS logo is taken from Mississippi State, and I modified it a little. The next is a crusader in battle on a horse. The bottom left is a lance. I had some trouble drawing this. The final quandratn contains an opened Bible. C&C Please with the design and execution.


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As an athletic logo, I think the potential is limited. There are too many elements going on here. Just the sheild or just the knight or just the "anything" would look better. I do think this has great potential to be a more academic logo and a crest for the school itself.

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