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National invitation tournament (debate) logo


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I'm Tournament Director for the National Invitation Tournament a collegiate parliamentary debate tournament to be hosted in Illinois this March.

Anyway, I'm reworking the site (That is, actually making it workable) and I'd like a really nice logo. Nothing super flashy, but simple and clever. Your work will get out there, because we have schools coming from throughout the country, since its the only tournament that weekend and one of the three tournaments to crown a team national champion this year.

We will pay the artist for the design. Please email me at rbronson@monm.edu if you are interested. The turnaround time is pretty quick.

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The theme is along the whole March Madness thing. Part of the reason we named it the NIT, was the sport tie in. Obviously, the logo shouldn't be too sportsy, since this is debate. But...it should be fun, creative and well, we're pretty open to your ideas.
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