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Recolorization Goofiness


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Over in the "Sports Logos" forum, we've been having fun with recoloring old logos in the current colors, or current colors in the old colors, etc. I thought I'd start a new thread over here to continue it.

Here's the first one: the current Philadelphia Eagles helmet using the older colors of Kelly Green and Silver (no Black):


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I'd like to see the Suns first logo in current colors, I asked in the other thread but didn't see it.

Some of the ones in the past thread were really good

Current Cavs with the old blue and orange

Current Warriors with the red/sand/brick ala Astros and D'Backs

76ers, Nuggets, Raptors

Godd stuff guys.

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Why does the color of that helmet look so "off"? That's not the silver the Patriots usually use i don't think.

Yeah, I know it does. Just to clarify, I use the RGB values that Pantone, Inc. designates as most accurately representing Pantone ink colors on computer monitors. These represent how these Pantone INKS would look - these have nothing to do whatsoever with the CMYK values. Illustrator and Photoshop use an algorithm to translate CMYK to RGB, and a lot of the time the colors can look off (Purples especially).

With Pantone Metallic colors however, the RGB values represent the color without the reflective properties. So, the metallics can look a little dark.

And - the Patriots use a curiously strange Pantone color for their Silver. It's a blended metallic (OK - it's 8001 C) that looks very dark. Both on screen and on paper. I know that they use a completely unrelated set of CMYK values to represent that color...not sure why there is a need for 8001 C.

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