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Atlanta Hawks


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I really like this new modern style of the jerseys, but they shouldnt have changed colors, so here's my take:





btw: if anyone is wondering, thats the format for NBA Live jerseys, because i made the new blue/red/white ones for NBA Live 07...

C&C on these?

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Very nice, but one thing, don't know why you've got the hawk head on the shorts yellow with a red outline. The hawk head should be red with a black border and yellow outline around the border unless on a yellow jersey then the outline should be white.

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The Hawks' new look is clearly better in the older colors. Thanks for confirming what I thought. These look great - although the gold alt is atrocious. That may be due as much to the ghastly "ATL" as anything else. I'd hope people won't let this become another hideous trend to shake our heads over... *shakes head and detectes a hint of irony*

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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