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KC Brigade in all-black


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For the playoffs, the Brigade have broken out a black alt jersey. It ditches the contrasting shoulders and sleeves. Black jersey with silver side stripes, silver numbers with light blue outline, light blue names, black pants with tapered silver stripe, black socks. And a silver helmet. It doesn't work for the exact same reason the Saints' black monochromes don't work. Stick with the light blue, or add some light blue shoulders to the black alt.

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Yes - roxfan, you are correct. This year they are not a good "TEAM" but good enough to beat KC three times this year.

You can't base "good team' on what they did two years ago.

Look at the Chicago White Sox this year - nothing against the fans of either team, but facts are fact -

Sorry - not trying to touch a nerve on anyone - just my opinion based on facts.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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