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Fictional Team: Colorado Springs Mountaineers


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Found this buried in my files and thought I'd post it for some critique. At the time it was designed for a made up basketball squad, but it's in no way sport-specific. And it was done on paint, so please excuse the fact that its not as nice or advanced as some of the other concepts on the board...


Of course, C&C welcomed and appreciated.

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it's pretty clever. i like the way it looks.... but as a sports team logo, i think it's lacking something.

as a sports equipment compant, maybe? or an extreme sports equipment something........ or i don't know... on a backpack or something, it would look awesome. but i can't imagine a place on a sports uniform where it would look good.

as a logo, i like it. as a sports logo, i don't.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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