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ESPN's Top 100 College Football Moments


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1. College Try: Diminutive Doug Flutie's memorable last-second heave. (Nov. 23, 1984)

2. The Play: Cal's five-lateral kickoff return stuns Stanford, band member. (Nov. 20, 1982)

3. Silent Treatment: Kordell Stewart's bomb silences Michigan Stadium. (Sept. 24, 1994)

4. Jolly Rodgers: Johnny Rodgers' return highlights Game of the Century. (Nov. 25, 1971)

5. Race For Glory Vince Young's sprint to the pylon shoots Texas past USC. (Jan. 4, 2006)

6. Collision Course: Barry Krauss' goal-line stop helps Bama stuff Penn State. (Jan. 1, 1979)

7. Rockin' Robin: Robin Weber's third-down catch keeps ND in front of Bama. (Dec. 31, 1973)

8. Blast Off: O.J. Simpson's 64-yard dash carries USC past UCLA. (Nov. 18, 1967)

9. Main Street: James Street and Texas shock Arkansas with late pass. (Dec. 9, 1969)

10. Gut Check: Miami stops Nebraska's two-point try in 1984 Orange Bowl. (Jan. 2, 1984)

11. Raising Cane: Miami's fourth-quarter comeback knocks out Florida State. (Oct. 3, 1987)

12. Gift Wrapped: Pete Giftopoulos' pick seals Penn State upset of Miami. (Jan. 2, 1987)

13. Joe Cool: Joe Montana fights off cold, flu to spark ND past Houston. (Jan. 1, 1979)

14. Legends Of The Fall: Joe Namath and Tommy Nobis meet in Orange thriller. (Jan. 1, 1965)

15. Tricks Of The Trade: Boise State shocks OU with Fiesta Bowl tricks. (Jan. 1, 2007)

16. Loose Cannon: LSU's Billy Cannon moves past Ole Miss in the gloamin'. (Oct. 31, 1959)

17. U-Turn: Pass interference turns Miami celebration into Ohio State jam. (Jan. 3, 2003)

18. The Play's The Thing: Bill Shakespeare scripts ND win over Ohio State. (Nov. 2, 1935)

19. Passing The Rock: ND and Knute Rockne initiate the passing era. (Nov. 1, 1913)

20. Breaking Away: Tommie Frazier and Nebraska run away with the title. (Jan. 2, 1996)

21. Punch Out: Punch of Clemson player costs OSU's Woody Hayes his job. (Dec. 29, 1978)

22. The Tie That Binds: Ara Parseghian and Irish settle for tie with Spartans. (Nov. 19, 1966)

23. Johnny On The Spot: Johnny Lujack tackle preserves ND tie with Army. (Nov. 9, 1946)

24. Trojans' Horse: Anthony Davis' kickoff return sparks USC past Irish. (Nov. 30, 1974)

25. Galloping Ghost: Illinois' Red Grange runs wild against Michigan. (Oct. 18, 1924)

26. Wrong Way Riegels: Cal's Roy Riegels runs wrong way in Rose Bowl. (Jan. 1, 1929)

27. 12th Man: Tommy Lewis comes off the sideline to tackle Dicky Moegle. (Jan. 1 1954)

28. Blue Collar: Big Ten sends Ohio State to Rose after bad Michigan break. (Nov. 24, 1973)

29. Fainting Irish: Notre Dame uses stall tactics to salvage tie with Iowa. (Nov. 21, 1953)

30. Breaking Point: Drake's Johnny Bright coldcocked against Oklahoma A&M. (Oct. 20, 1951)

31. Bushwhacked: USC's Reggie Bush races past fog, Oregon State. (Nov. 6, 2004)

32. Strike A Pose: Michigan's Desmond Howard displays an end-zone move. (Nov. 23, 1991)

33. Bearing Witness: Cries of brutality descend on Alabama's Bear Bryant. (Nov. 18, 1961)

34. Sooner Or Later: Troy Aikman breaks ankle; backup leads OU to title. (Oct. 19, 1985)

35. The Honor System: Cornell scores on fifth down, but forfeits win. (Nov. 16, 1940)

36. Walk To Remember: Freshman Herschel Walker makes debut for Georgia. (Sept. 6, 1980)

37. Standing Tall: Pitt's Bobby Grier plays Sugar in segregated New Orleans. (Jan. 2, 1956)

38. Side Effects: Cornell's Pete Gogolak revolutionizes place-kicking. (Oct. 28, 1961)

39. Bad To The Bone: Emory Bellard's wishbone attack makes Texas debut. (Sept. 21, 1968)

40. Great Scott: Georgia's Lindsay Scott scores game winner on 93-yard TD. (Nov. 8, 1980)

41. Naval Maneuvers: Navy shocks Army, ends Cadets' 28-game win streak. ( Dec. 2, 1950)

42. Straight Shooter: Notre Dame halts Oklahoma's 47-game win streak. (Nov. 16, 1957)

43. Pony Up: Punt-formation TD leads No. 1 SMU over No. 2 TCU. (Nov. 30, 1935)

44. Rules Of Engagement: Yale-Harvard brutality leads to rule changes. (Nov. 25, 1905)

45. Rise And Shine: Rise of Southern football as Alabama beats Washington. (Jan. 1, 1926)

46. One For The Gipper: ND's Jack Chevigny scores TD and honors legend. (Nov. 10, 1928).

47. Twice As Nice: FSU holds off Nebraska for Bobby Bowden's first title. (Jan. 1, 1994)

48. Man Of Steal: George Teague's swipe goes for naught in Alabama's rout. (Jan. 1, 1993)

49. Outrageous Fortune: Deflected TD catch helps Nebraska rally in OT. (Nov. 8, 1997)

50. Four Horsemen: Four Horsemen rode again in ND backfield. (Oct. 18, 1924)

51. Fifth Element: Fifth down aids Colorado and Charles Johnson vs. Missouri. (Oct. 6, 1990)

52. Well Dunn: 79-yard TD catch/run by Warrick Dunn seals Florida's fate. (Nov. 27, 1993)

53. Rocket Recall: Penalty tackles Rocket's return vs. No. 1 Colorado. (Jan. 1, 1991)

54. Bo Knows: Bo leads Michigan in win over Woody Hayes, Ohio State. (Nov. 22, 1969)

55. Punt Bama Punt: Two blocked punts lead to TDs as Auburn stuns Bama. (Dec. 2, 1972)

56. Single Wing: Pop Warner's Carlisle team, led by Jim Thorpe, defeats Army. (Nov. 9, 1912)

57. Catch And Release: USC rallies past ND, stalling Irish's title hopes. (Nov. 28, 1964)

58. Over And Out: DB Thom Darden's INT leads to Ohio State outcry. (Nov. 20, 1971)

59. Flash Gordon: BC kicker David Gordon nails 41-yard FG to beat ND. (Nov. 20, 1993)

60. Wide Right I:: Trailing Miami by 1, FSU's Gerry Thomas misses 34-yard FG. (Nov. 16, 1991)

61. Iron Will: Van Tiffin's FG lifts Alabama over Auburn in Iron Bowl. (Nov. 30, 1985)

62. Forward Progress: USC's Sam Cunningham turns heads in Alabama. (Sept. 12, 1970)

63. Cool Runnings: Michael Vick's Sugar Bowl run symbolizes change. (Jan. 4, 200)

64. Wake Up The Echoes: Notre Dame upsets top-ranked Miami. (Oct. 15, 1988)

65. Bush Push: USC's Reggie Bush helps Matt Leinart into the end zone. (Oct. 15, 2005)

66. Turning Points: USC claims 7-point Rose Bowl stunner over Duke. (Jan. 1, 1939)

67. Wild Irish Rose: Elmer Layden leads Notre Dame to Rose Bowl win. (Jan. 1, 1925)

68. Gathering Storm: Miami announces arrival with win at Penn State. (Nov. 3, 1979)

69. Don Of A Legend: Alabama's Don Hutson shines in 1935 Rose Bowl. (Jan. 1, 1935)

70. Southern Exposure: Tennessee beats Bama to emerge as a power. (Oct. 20, 1928)

71. Magic Hat: Ken Hatfield's punt return sparks Arkansas past Texas. (Oct. 17, 1964)

72. Rally 'Round The Flag: Penalty flag helps Penn State beat Kansas. (Jan. 1, 1969)

73. Kiss Off: Navy passes on tying FG, falls to Army. (Nov. 30, 1946)

74. Finishing Touch: George Gipp throws TD in last game for Irish. (Nov. 20, 1920)

75. Hand Of God: Arkansas fumble helps Tennessee's title run. (Nov. 14, 1998)

76. Play It Again: Instant replay debuts in 1963 Army-Navy game. (Dec. 7, 1963)

77. The Tao Of Steve: Florida arrives under new coach Steve Spurrier. (Sept. 15, 1990)

78. Down And Out: Chicago win over Michigan sparks rule change. (Nov. 30, 1905)

79. Purple To Pasadena: Ne'er-do-well Northwestern's run to the Rose Bowl. (Nov. 4, 1995)

80. Roll Left: Texas stuns Nebraska with fourth-and-inches pass. (Dec. 7, 1996.)

81. Brown Delivers: BYU's Clay Brown's last-play catch beats SMU. (Dec. 19, 1980)

82. White Noise: USC's Charles White scores without the ball in Rose Bowl. (Jan. 1, 1979)

83. We Are ? Marshall: Herd win first home game after tragic 1970 crash. (Sept. 25, 1971)

84. Road Kill: Nebraska fans applaud FSU after Noles upset Cornhuskers. (Oct. 4, 1980)

85. Blue Steele: UNLV 100-yard fumble return on final play beats Baylor. (Sept. 11, 1999)

86. Death Valley Deception: Florida State's puntrooskie to topple Clemson. (Sept. 17, 1988)

87. Harvard Beats Yale, 29-29: Harvard rallies with 16 points in 42 seconds. (Nov. 23, 1968)

88. Industry Standard: Stanford's Rose Bowl win establishes T formation. (Jan. 1, 1941)

89. Rocket Man: QB Chuck Ealey leads Toledo to 34 straight victories. (Dec. 28, 1971)

90. Lions In Winter: Columbia tops Stanford's vaunted Vow Boys in Rose Bowl. (Jan. 1, 1934)

91. Spur Of The Moment: Florida QB Steve Spurrier's FG beats Auburn. (Oct. 29, 1966)

92. Capital Gains: Drew Tate's last-second bomb lifts Iowa over LSU. (Jan. 1, 2005)

93. Centre Of Attention: Centre College stuns unbeaten Harvard. (Oct. 29, 1921)

94. Sugar Rush: Boston College surprises Tennessee in 1941 Sugar Bowl. (Jan. 1, 1941)

95. Man Of The House: Ole Miss' Archie Manning shines in loss to Bama. (Oct. 4, 1969)

96. Jock Jam: Minnesota tops Pittsburgh in classic matchup. (Oct. 20, 1934)

97. Girl Interrupted: New Mexico's Katie Hnida attempts PAT. (Dec. 25, 2002)

98. Trick Or Treat: Carlisle beats Harvard using hidden-ball trick. (Oct. 31, 1903)

99. The Butler Did It: Clemson's Jerry Butler's catch beats South Carolina. (Nov. 19, 1977)

100. Carry On: Teammates carry Marshall's Byron Leftwich to the huddle. (Nov. 2, 2002)

Here is a link to a more detailed version: Top 100 College Football Moments

As I Michigan fan, I would like to see the 2004 Michigan/Michigan State game on the list. Braylon Edwards' performance that game was incredible. Michigan cam back from 17 down with around 7 minutes left, to win in triple OT. That deserved to be on the list, IMO.

I also would have liked to have seen the 05 Penn State/Michigan game, when Mario Manningham caught the game winning TD with no time left on the clock. That one play was the only thing between Penn State and an undefeated season.

Anyways, what do you guys think should be diffeent about the list?

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oklahoma vs. boise state - statue of liberty play wins the fiesta bowl


I'll agree there, it is the most exciting football game I have ever watched. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and the end was spectacular.

OSU-Miami 2002 Fiesta Bowl should be number two. It's amazing how quickly people forget but right after that game media around the country was calling it the greatest game they'd ever seen.

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I also would have liked to have seen the 05 Penn State/Michigan game, when Mario Manningham caught the game winning TD with no time left on the clock. That one play was the only thing between Penn State and an undefeated season.
I know it's 2007 now...but I'm still bitter.

What led up to that play? This "completion" to Avant (which BTW, was in fact reviewed):


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Good to see a couple FSU moments pop up in here...

...But, overall, this list may just as well been called NOTRE DAME'S Top 100 College Football Moments. It seemed every other link I clicked on had Notre Dame, and at one point, I swear it must have been ten STRAIGHT...

Eh...maybe I'll just digress and get back to concocting football concepts...

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I also would have liked to have seen the 05 Penn State/Michigan game, when Mario Manningham caught the game winning TD with no time left on the clock. That one play was the only thing between Penn State and an undefeated season.
I know it's 2007 now...but I'm still bitter.

What led up to that play? This "completion" to Avant (which BTW, was in fact reviewed):


also had it not been for whiny-boy Lloyd Carr, Michigan wouldn't have had the final two seconds on the clock to run the last play. He was right about it, but it was typical Lloyd Carr.

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I was really happy when I saw Red Grange's performance in the first game at Memorial Stadium. I was waiting for that the whole time and thought they would leave it off.

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Other than the fact that Notre Dame is all over this list,

and the fact that they left The Bluegrass Miracle off, it was a pretty good list.

I'd definitely second your motion on the LSU play.

As for another omission: I think that "The Pick" certainly ranks in the top 100.

Many of Maisel's selections indicated a significance over and above the play, or game, itself. While my avatar certainly shows my own bias, I think a case can be made for Kenny Wheaton's 91-yard interception at the end of the 1994 Oregon-Washington game being very significant. That victory led to the Ducks' first trip to the Rose Bowl in 37 years, and the program has been among the first or second tiers most seasons since. Washington, on the other hand, has not since ascended to the level it had enjoyed into the early '90s.

I wish I could find a video of the play, but I did find the audio:


If you really want to see the play, just go to Autzen Stadium; they still play it on the Jumbotron before every home game.

EDIT: Wikipedia has the video as a link from their "Kenny Wheaton" entry.

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