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Oklahoma City Blazers New 3rd's


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These were released on Sunday at a fan "open house".




Is this just an alternate color scheme or are all the uniforms going to be these colors? Interesting scheme, representing fire without using red, orange or bright yellow (unless this monitor is really screwed up).

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I'm digging the shield. Everything else - Woof!

I like the flaming "OKC," but it belong on a shoulder, not on a cuff.

And impact font for the numbers? Seriously?

I personally can't stand them. And they say that is the color...lol.

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I like the two logos, the jersey though has got to go. They had a real classic and classy gold jersey before and where is the red or maroon on this one. It is or was a part of their scheme why is it missing on this one. The B shield kinda reminds me of the Balto Ravens first helmet logo a little bit. I'd play around with the two logos as either being a primary or secondary logo on the jersey. Have a couple of ideas for comcepts I will post them in the concepts section later.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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