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drake bulldogs concept


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BASEBALL: No suggestions, no gripes. Solid, top to bottom.

HOOPS: I love the idea, but it's a little spare. I love the hashed lines down the side panels, but with only blue and white as the color choices, it looks less like the border for a side panel and more of a dotted line for a template. If the blocks connected from front to back (1970s Cleveland Cavaliers or DePaul), you could get away with using only 2 colors, one of which being the body of the jersey. But with pieces of lines delineating a space that has nothing in it anyway, it looks very unfinished. Even making the side panels the same color gray as the bulldog would make the lines look like they are alternating lines of blue and white, and would actually serve a purpose on the uniform - as the border of the side panels. Right now, they just come off as unfinished and superfluous rather than an integral part of the design.

That aside, very well done.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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