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Rebranding the NBA


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Well first off, let me start off by saying what the objective of this project is.

I am trying to use unique colors for each team. The colors I will use will be a mix of old and new colors that the team once used. I will use the logo I see best for the jersey design. I am incorporating old and new jersey designs with some of my own designs.

Now I will be working on this project, not sure if i'll finish.

I don't mind comments, but I doubt i'll make any changes to the jerseys.

Without further ado here are the Atlanta Hawks:

(I used their classic colors. I thought they were very unique. The main colors are Light Blue and Navy with Red and Silver as accents. I think that this logo works pretty good with the jerseys. I think that this wordmark reflects the name HAWKS the best)


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This ought to be an interesting series. I don't know how you plan on deciding which team gets some of the more common colors (green, royal, black), but I'll wait to be surprised.

As far as the Hawks concept goes: solid start. My only suggestion is about the numbers - navy on light blue with a minimal outline makes it look blurry and a little bland. White numbers might work better, or at least a much thicker white outline to set the 2 blues apart. (On second glance - did you use silver to outline the navy numbers?) I think adding red as an outline would be visually painful, but a little something there to break up the blues would be in order.

Anyway, good luck with this... this could turn out very very well.

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This actually looks really nice. I like pretty much everything about the concept, but I agree w/ vitamin about the numbers, but that's it. Good job, can't wait to see the rest.

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