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New orleans voodoo go with purple helmets


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From pictures on the official site, govoodoo.com, and from this pic of the mini-helmet:


The VooDoo will be using metallic purple helmets this year.  It doesn't look bad, but they remind me of an old Honda motorcycle my uncle Eddie used to have...he wrecked it.

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I like it - clean looking and sinister; fact is Vodoo is all that!

I'm not a fan of purple, IMO, but this is very nice. I hope the unis match up as well. Yes the helmet is nice, but check out the "VoDoo Dolls"


Yowza! They'll cast a spell on you, LOL :D

P.S. _ I like the snakes, look between them, it's a football.

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A picture full of hot Louisana cheerleaders, and you're looking at snakes.  I worry about you.

I noticed that before, either...that's rather nifty.

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