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Can I am gonna start to make some jersey designs and stuff, but first I thought i need a brand and logo.

I named my company "Korbyn Lofgren Design" (very original i know)

And made a scrpit logo. Thoughts??

-Just so you know there both the same logo just i inverted the colors on the second one-



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I kinda like how it's like a signature, but it doesn't really fit the description of a graphic designers logo. I would look at some of the guys on the boards and look at their logos or look up some graphic designers logos online.

I think you have a nice start, it just needs to be thought out more, cause right know it's just your initials in a specialized font.

Also, just for kicks you can see my logo on this:


I would try and stay clear of something like this too, because it's not well thought out and bland as well. I've never really thought about my own logo before.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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